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We use AI to support and optimize health decisions.

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AI-Powered Health Decision Support

We develop AI-powered clinical decision support algorithms for healthcare providers, with a focus on ensuring access to high-quality health decisions for all.

Disease Identification

Our disease identification models utilize patient historical and current health information to generate most likely causes of the patients condition, supporting healthcare providers in diagnosis and management.

Triage Support

Elsa’s algorithms can be used in hospital or patient applications to triage patients, which both reduces the burden on the healthcare system and allows patients to receieve the appropriate care.

Adherence Prediction

Elsa’s adherence models are used to predict when a patient is likely to not adhere to their antiretroviral medication, prompting the doctor to take immediate action.

Outbreak Prediction

Tracking, monitoring, and predicting outbreaks is essential to public health. Elsa’s epidemiological models generate more accurate disease prevalence for diagnosing and support predicting outbreaks.

Leverage Our Health Intelligence

Leverage Elsa’s Health Intelligence in your application, service, hospital, or program to measurably improve health decisions & positively impact health outcomes for your patients and beneficiaries.

In Your eHealth Application

Elsa strengthens and supports the clinical decisions facilited through your service, increases trust in your platform, and produces better outcomes for users -- all with seamless integration and support from our team.

In Your Hospital or Practice

Whether a public health facility, a private practice, a lab, or a pharmacy, quality patient care & satisfaction is key to ensuring patients choose you if they fall ill. Elsa supports your clinical decisions so that you can focus on the more important things -- your patients!

In Your Health Programs

Level up your organization’s impact by using Elsa in your large-scale health programs. As an impact partner, we support customization and implementation based on your needs.

Empowering health decision makers, providers & patients.

Explainable Models

Explainable and interpretable models for healthcare providers to quickly understand why a decision was suggested.

Context Specific

Built with expert knowledge, research, and data from East Africa to ensure models are contextual and representative.

Multiple Languages

Available in both English and Kiswahili to support healthcare providers across the levels of care.

Highly Performant

Accurate disease identification models that generate supportive insights quickly and effortlessly.

Elsa in the Field

We’re committed to impact. Elsa’s technology is being used and deployed across multiple sectors to improve health decisions.

Digitally-enabling a primary health system to improve outcomes and save lives.

At the primary care level, 4 out of 10 patient are misdiagnosed. The Afya-Tek project is focused on digitally enabling community health workers, health facility staff, and private drug shop dispensers to decrease fragmentation in the care system, streamline referrals, and manage patient care. Elsa’s AI-powered diagnosis and decision support tools are being leveraged at private drug shops to identify likely causes of illness, improve clinical decisions, and guide appropriate clinical management.

Kibaha, Tanzania

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